Deanship of Graduate Studies

Established in2013

Since its inception, the University of Sheba has been keen on the development and gradual development of high-quality and carefully studied colleges and rare disciplines that keep abreast of ongoing scientific developments and meet the requirements of local and external labor markets.

In this spirit, after the distinguished scientific establishment in the various scientific disciplines of the university for the past nineteen years, which has been recognized by the graduates of the University of Sheba in various scientific disciplines, both locally and abroad, and to continue the mission and goals of the university and after study and Good preparation, both in the academic and administrative aspects, the graduate program was opened with distinguished scientific disciplines that meet the needs of the local and external labor markets.

Features of the program

The graduate program at the University of Sheba has many important features, for example:

  1. Teaching staff members with high qualifications and long experience in teaching, scientific research and postgraduate studies
  2. Modern study plans prepared with great care and according to the latest scientific programs and modern to meet the requirements of the labor market
  3. Providing the finest educational and modern technology in keeping with the latest developments in teaching and learning technology.
  4. My library includes university and graduate of many books and references, including electronic books and references, as well as various modern scientific journals provide
  5. Taking into consideration the tuition fees in terms of annual fees and payment dates of installments
    The site of the graduate studies in terms of space and accessibility

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